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Statement staircase with bespoke lighting
Lighting fitting with three lighting bulbs

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Cundall Light4 is a diverse and passionate collection of award-winning lighting designers.

We design for people: Our focus is on the needs of people, connecting them with spaces that promotes health and wellbeing.

We respond with light: We understand architectural principles and use light to enhance spaces.

We integrate the latest research and technology: We are at the forefront of industry thinking, with our work influencing future design guides.

We deliver the detail: Our knowledge and understanding of the construction process enables us to design solutions that are buildable.

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Café area in office with seating, windows and subtle lighting

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Paul Kenyon with office background

Paul Kenyon

Partner, Building Services


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Our lighting designers take the time to understand how spaces can best serve the people that will inhabit them, creating illumination solutions that enhance wellbeing, support productivity and highlight the beauty of materials and architecture. We also incorporate energy-efficiency and smart control approaches that ensure client sustainability objectives are met.