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Recognition at Green Building Award 2021 in Hong Kong

Asia 09 June 2022

Treehouse, Hong Kong, China

CGI of the Treehouse, the surrounding neighbourhood and the harbour

Cundall was awarded as a finalist for the first time under Green Building Leadership Category and won the Merit Award for the CIC Carbon Assessment Tool at the Green Building Award 2021.

The Green Building Award is an industry-wide award co-organised by the Hong Kong Green Building Council and Professional Green Building Council (PGBC) to recognise building-related projects and organisations with outstanding performance and contributions in sustainability and the built environment.

The Green Building Leadership Award, a newly added category in the Green Building Award 2019, recognises developers, contractors, consultants, facilities management, and green product industry business with exemplary leadership.

This is Cundall’s first time entering the Green Building Leadership Category and we have been selected as one of the only two finalists. This recognises our achievements in the Sustainability Roadmap, Diversity & Inclusion policy, leadership in the industry, and outstanding sustainability projects such as the Hong Kong Science Park, Hong Kong Children’s Hospital, CIC Carbon Assessment Tool, CURA, and Burwood Brickwork.

Cundall Hong Kong named finalist in the Green Building Leadership Category.

The CIC Carbon Assessment Tool (CAT) has won the Merit Award in the Research and Planning category. This category recognises the research and planning projects that demonstrate innovation and advancement in sustainability for the built environment.

The CIC Carbon Assessment Tool (CAT) is the first online carbon assessment tool in Hong Kong. It is designed to be a common platform for the whole industry to assess, report, and decarbonise the embodied carbon and onsite emission for both building and civil infrastructure projects. Cundall is appointed by the Construction Industry Council (CIC) as the lead consultant to develop this tool.

Joe Tang, Director of the Hong Kong office, commented “Thank you Hong Kong Green Building Council and the GBA judging panel for recognising our effort in shaping the sustainable future in Hong Kong. This is the outcomes of collaborative effort which will not be possible without the hard work from our Cundall staff, our clients, and working partners. Thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way, we will continue to strive for excellence in sustainability and achieve our carbon positive goal in 2025.”