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A WELL designed office

Thought Leadership Webinars

Andy Parkin with acoustics feature background

Andrew Parkin

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Jenny in a blue dress and acoustics feature background

Jenny Carrington

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Rob van Zyl in a dark suit and tie with office blurred background

Rob van Zyl

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Kavita Kumari sitting on bench with leafy bush in background

Kavita Kumari

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Use this link to access the model of the office and walk through the space while the speakers discuss key design considerations for achieving WELL certification -

Cundall’s WELL certified office in Birmingham was refurbished to achieve WELL certification in 2017 and many of the design features will facilitate a safe return to the office. During this session we explored the design considerations which helped us achieve certification and the benefit to the health of our staff at work in the face of a post pandemic world. Using the link below you can virtually visit the office and navigate yourselves around whilst listening to the speakers discuss each of the key design considerations.

Once you open the model, use the play button and you will be automatically shown around focusing on the areas being discussed during the video.