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Take pride in who you are

Diversity and Inclusion By Maciej Krezolek, Digital Automation and Analytics Lead – 08 June 2022

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Maciej Krezolek

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June marks Pride month!

Most of you will have seen, if not heard, of rainbow-washing. It’s when companies suddenly turn up in June with rainbow logos strewn across their websites and social channels, only for the subject of LGBTQ+ rights to vanish again for the remaining 11 months of the year. Luckily for us, our Kaleidoscope network continues the push for LGBTQ+ inclusion at Cundall throughout the year.

Kaleidoscope is Cundall's LGBTQ+ network. They offer a dedicated forum for Cundall employees who identify within the LGBTQ+ umbrella to connect. Kaleidoscope also works to promote LGBTQ+ inclusion at Cundall. This year, Kaleidoscope is embracing Pride month’s theme, which is to “Take Pride” in who we are, and to be proud of those around us who help make the world a safer place to be yourself.

Take Pride stickers are being delivered to all UK and Ireland offices. By taking a sticker and displaying it at home or in cars, our staff can show others that we take pride in the LGBTQ+ community within the company and society more generally. The stickers will last more than one month and serve as ongoing reminders to ourselves and others that we support a safe and supportive world for all LGBTQ+ people.

Rainbow lanyards are also being delivered to each of the UK and Ireland offices for staff to demonstrate pride as a LGBTQ+ member, or as an ally and supporter of both colleagues and the community at large.

We are also adding PROUD Beer’s LGBTQIPA to the office fridges, which is available year-round and may even become the (un)official beer of Cundall. Not only will this add a little more variety to the company fridges while celebrating the LGBTQ+ community throughout the year, but it also helps ensure that the changes being pursued at Cundall and in society don’t end when the calendar flips over. Furthermore, 20p per bottle goes directly to LGBTQ+ charities. So, this year and moving forwards, we can support the diversity of our staff, do our bit for charity, AND have a good time!

We are also adding a book to the diversity and inclusivity libraries within our offices which gives a much more detailed look into the timeline of the global fight for LGBTQ+ rights. Rebecca Strickson’s Queerstory: An Infographic History of the Fight for LGBTQ+ Rights is winging its way to offices now.

As Pride events happen across the country, look out for our attendance. If you want to join us then please drop us a message and we can give you the details of the local office to you.